Ursula Lopez

Hello there,
Probably you guess it, but as I am a polite girl this is my introduction.
My name is Úrsula López, I am a web developer, designer and illustrator and this is my website.
Please, take a look and enjoy the visit!

Who is Ursula?

There are many Ursulas, even a few Ursula Lopez all around the world ( even a famous flamenco dancer!) But "this" Ursula Lopez is a different one...

I was born in Valencia (Spain) in march 1982.

As soon as i was able to pick up a pencil I started drawing, and I have never stopped since, even though it is true I am not as obssessed about drawing as I was when I was a teenager.

I grew up in Castellón, a little town where I meet many lovely people and most of my current friends. But soon Castellón  was not enough for me and I moved to Valencia to start my Fine Arts degree. Two years later I still wanted to see  more world and moved to Barcelona, where i finished  my degree. I really loved Barcelona, but a disease  forced me back to Castellon, with family and friends. Back in there I did my first Master Degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia. Before I finished it I started working as a graphic designer and never stoped.

Still growing up, as soon as I was completely recovered  I moved back to Valencia.

In 2009 I got a little bored about "just designing". It was nice to do pretty things, but it was not a real challenge. Do not missunderstand me, I don't mean I was the best Graphic Designer ever or something similar, but  only working with images did not made me feel complete in a professional way, so I started getting close to web developing. I spent months learning on my own,  relaying on online resources and books. I did some professional practices in a web developing company where I finally  found that web-coding was, indeed, my professional passion.

And then came my second Master Degree in Web and Mobile Applications Developing. I just found what I love to do!! I resigned from my work and started working as developer, just like that. Now if I need a design, I can do all the job by myself!

My Resume / CV.

You will find a extended and downloable PDF file with my CV in this LINK

Also, if you do not  want to waste time downloading and reading  the whole of it, here you have a summary of my recent jobs and skills:

Web Developer & Graphic Designer

2009 - present: KLZ Events International ( Madrid, Spain)

Activity: Design and web developing related to KLZ Events, including logos and printed designs.

Main languages used: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP & jQuery


Web Developer & Graphic Designer

2013 – present: Central Marketing Valencia (Valencia, Spain)

Activity: web design and developing.

Main languages used: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP & jQuery

CMV also works on skinning and customizing Wordpress and Magento.


Graphic Designer

- 2007 – 2013: Gráficas Sedavi (Valencia, Spain)

Activity: work on all kind of press design. Corporative image, advertising, catalogs, flyers, etc.



My main skills in work are:

PHP developer,HTML5 developer, CSS3 developer, Javascrip with JQuery developer, MySQL querys user, Photoshop expert user (all relative to design and Illustration), Indesign expert user, Illustrator expert user.

I can work equally in Mac and Windows OS.

My Goals

Why does someone keep on learning, searching and moving on?

Everybody have some goals, so do I. My professional goals are to never stop improving, taking on challenges, and learning. I love coding because it gives me the possibility of better research solutions each time, because code evolves with the user's needs and is always flowing. You have to read, and keep in touch with the real world if you want to do your work as better as possible. It is amazing because coding is not just about "being a great thinker" or repeating the same solutions over and over again, but also having creativity, not only for "front end" design but also for the way you solve your needs.

One of my personal goals is to move to another country. Spain is a lovely place to live in but I always thought that the experience of moving to another country enriches you, opens your mind and gives you a different point of view in life. I would love to move somewhere in Europe, or USA or even Japan, which are completly different from Spain and its culture.

Another important goal for me is having a house with garden, since i have two dogs that I love, two english bulldogs, and even when they pass away I know i will adopt another bulldog!

Watson & Kira

My Portfolio

Here you have a little portfolio of my works, I will try to keep it simple, for a extended portfolio, please contact me

Web Design

BloodyNightCon Europe II, for KLZ Events
Geometric Battlefron, online videogame; Personal Project
IronThroneCon, for KLZ Events
Gráficas Sedaví Official website
OneThreeHill Fanmeet, for KLZ Events

Graphic Design

Bruchure design
Book design and layout
Entry pass design, for KLZ Events
Poster design
Restaurant menu design


Vectorial illustration
Vectorial illustration
Traditional illustration
Digital illustration
Digital illustration

My Projects

I am always working in different projects of my interest, like testing some new effects on javascript or writting in several blogs, actually I'm contributing in two blogs:


I write posts about web developing with tips and tutorials


My personal blog, where I write with some friends about us: geek girls and our interests. Currently in development

I give all my support to:


Also I'm totally in:


And actually I'm working on personal projects relative to HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

A while ago I did a theme for the SimpleMachinesForum, it has been downloaded over 10.000 times, and you can also download it from here:

Minecraft Theme for SimpleMachines Forum